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National Public Radio (audio links)

Over the last ten years I have often recorded my work for NPR, PRI, and Chicago Public Radio. The process of writing these 500 word mini-essays was invaluable in the completion of my last two books. Each radio essay later grew into a chapter that appears in Steady and Trembling or Cabin Fever.

Work from Cabin Fever

Reflections on Cabin Fever (2011) []

Worship in the Woods (2011) []

Bird Wonder (2010)

Living a Slower Paced Life (2010)

A Prayer of Attention (2010)

The Tough Life of Ants (2009)

Vacation and Relaxation (2009)

Thoreau in the ‘Burbs (2009)

The Importance of Blackberries (2008)

Bound to be Freed (2008)

Frosted Gems (2008)

Channeling Thoreau (2007)

Seventeen Year Cicada (2007)

Box of Wind (2006)

The Herons Return (2006)

Work from Steady and Trembling

Spring (2005)

Nature’s Balance (2005)

Modern Thoreau (2003)

Journal of Sun (2003)

The Nature of Death (2003)

In Search of Home (2002)

Additional Books  |   Radio  |  Essays and Articles



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